Sustainable Yoga Clothes: 15 Eco-Friendly Brands (2023)

Yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries, and the number of people who do it continues to grow.

In fact, the number of people who regularly practice yoga is estimated to be over 36 million in the United States and over 300 million worldwide.

In addition to helping with their physical health, many people are turning to yoga for help with their mental health as well. Since the COVID pandemic has been a time of great stress, even more people have turned to yoga to help them relax and reconnect.

The growth of the yoga community is one reason why sustainable yoga clothes are so important. With more people doing yoga, there can be a lot of apparel waste. By choosing eco-friendly brands, however, you can help reduce the amount of pollution and waste produced by the yoga industry.

If you’re wondering which sustainable brands can provide your yoga wardrobe with plenty of outfits that will help you enjoy the most benefits possible, read on!

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man holding woman up in a yoga pose outdoors

Brands Making Sustainable Yoga Clothes

MATE the Label

MATE the Label is one of our top picks for eco-friendly activewear. They make their clothes with sustainable organic fabrics and try to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.

MATE’s mission is to “provide people everywhere with essentials that are clean from seed to skin,” so when you’re grabbing a great new pair of leggings, you’ll probably find your new favorite tee in their shop too.

While they focus on providing clothing made from plants, they do add a bit of spandex to their activewear in order to provide some additional stretch. The amount of synthetic fabric in these pieces is still much lower than other activewear brands though, and they still use non-toxic dyes and have a strict list of restricted substances in all of their clothing.

MATE ensures that its entire production process is environmentally friendly, housing its manufacturing in the U.S. (to cut down on shipping) and creating seasonless styles that you can wear any season for years to come.

The brand is working on a recycling program too, so if you wear your clothes out or stain them beyond repair (which isn’t super likely because they’re great quality), you’ll be able to send them back to MATE to be recycled and turned into new pieces.

MATE’s factories are all in the United States, and they have a very strict code of conduct, which requires all factories to follow California labor laws (which are some of the strictest in the country). This includes basic requirements like no child labor, no forced labor, and humane working conditions, but workers are also paid overtime and cannot work more than 6 consecutive days in a row.

The factories also must recycle scrap fabric and must adhere to California Environmental laws.

MATE is a member of 1% for the Planet and is Climate Neutral Certified, using carbon-reduction plans to offset the emissions from manufacturing and shipping.

Why We Chose MATE: The brand provides eco-friendly activewear appropriate for all activity levels and body shapes (with sizes up to 3XL), and it’s also clean “from seed to skin.” Their packaging is completely plastic-free, and the brand operates in a way that minimizes their environmental impact, including publishing an impact report each year as a check on its progress and goals.

Certifications: Climate Neutral; goal to be MADE SAFE and B Corp

Materials: Organic cotton

Size Range: XS-3X (men, women, and kids clothing available)

Pricing: Bras starting at $38, leggings starting at $68


Wolven is one of our top picks because the clothing is designed to move the way you want it to, and it’s made from sustainable materials.

Much of Wolven’s clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET), and it is all produced using environmentally-friendly practices.

In fact, the brand processes its rPET fabric in a way to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible, being sure to think through every step of the process.

Their rPET clothing is ethically made in China because most rPET fabric is produced there already. If they were to ship that fabric to the U.S. to manufacture the clothing, it would create a larger carbon footprint.

To ensure the Chinese workers are treated fairly, Wolven makes sure the manufacturing facility is certified by WCA. The WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) is a check on the manufacturing facilities’ commitment to providing a safe working environment with no forced labor or child labor.

In addition to their rPET clothing, Wolven also offers ultra-soft pieces made from virgin beechwood modal, which is biodegradable.

The modal fabrics are all sewn into clothing in the U.S. by a small woman-owned company in a well-lit air-conditioned office. (Yes, sadly this is something you should check into, even if products are made in the United States because sweatshops still exist.)

The company doesn’t stop at sustainable clothing and materials though. They also care about their overall environmental impact. Whenever possible, Wolven uses minimal packaging, and they invest in programs like Climate Neutral and 1% for the Planet to further offset their emissions.

They’ve also partnered with Clean Hub to collect a pound of ocean-bound plastic with every purchase.

The thing that really packs a punch is their second-hand marketplace. Here they allow customers to buy and sell gently used Wolven clothing, which is better for your budget AND the environment.

Why We Chose Wolven: The Wolven brand is one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly yoga clothing brands available. In addition to making many of their pieces from recycled materials, they also process their fabric in a way that minimizes their carbon footprint. They also partner with various programs and organizations to reduce their emissions even more.

Certifications: OEKO-Tex

Materials: Recycled PET, beechwood modal

Made In: China, U.S.

Size Ranges: XS-XXL

Pricing: Tops starting at $52, leggings starting at $82, used clothing offered at a fraction of those prices

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is another great choice for sustainable yoga clothes because they are not only eco-friendly but super high-quality too.

We love that they use performance materials like moisture-wicking recycled nylon and odor-eliminating SilverTech ™ and Polygiene ®. These features keep the leggings from feeling scratchy or uncomfortable, even when you’re just lounging around.

But the clothing will stretch enough to allow a full range of motion while you’re practicing yoga or pilates too.

To offset all of its carbon emissions, the company partners with One Carbon World, and it also ensures all of its factories (which are all in Europe) are ethical and humane. They do not use forced labor or child labor, and they make sure all workers are paid a fair living wage. Some factories even provide lunch and childcare.

Though they’re based in Denmark, Organic Basics ships worldwide and shipping is free to the U.S. with a $200 order.

Organic Basics also has an amazing return policy: If you don’t like them for ANY reason at all, you can send them back for free within 30 days! This means that if you’re not sure what size you should order, then you won’t be stuck with clothing you can’t use. Return shipping is free for exchanges or store credit.

Why We Chose Organic Basics: Organic Basics is a sustainable clothing company that produces high-quality yoga clothes. Their materials are eco-friendly and performance-oriented, and their factories are ethical and humane. They offer free shipping to the U.S., a great return policy, and free exchanges and store credit.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX Standard 100, GOTS-Certified organic cotton, GRS-certified recycled nylon

Materials: various materials used including recycled nylon and organic cotton (see full information about the fabrics and materials Organic Basics uses)

Made In: Europe (Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Scotland)

Size Ranges: XS-XXL

Pricing: Tops and bras starting at $62, bottoms starting at $75

two women modeling sustainable yoga clothing from Nube
Photos courtesy of Nube


Nube is a woman-owned eco-friendly activewear company that provides high-quality sustainable yoga clothes made from recycled polyester.

They work with artists around the world to create interesting designs that spark conversation around the state of the environment, and they use all non-toxic dyes to color their fabrics.

On top of making sure they are sustainable, Nube also cares about the workers that are making its products. That’s partially why they’ve based their manufacturing efforts in the United States and ensure all workers receive fair pay and safe working conditions.

Nube doesn’t stop their efforts at using sustainable fabrics and manufacturing. Their packaging is entirely plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. And they’re working to reuse as many scraps as they can (instead of throwing them away). Nube’s scrunchies are made from scrap fabrics!

The brand is always changing and improving its processes in order to minimize its impact on the environment, and it actually has a “Take Back” program in the works. Soon, you’ll be able to send back your old Nube pieces, and they’ll be recycled into new yoga clothes!

Why We Chose Nube: Nube is a smaller company that focuses on creating sustainable yoga clothes. They have been mindful from the very beginning about their impact on the environment, and they’re still continuously working to improve their processes and reduce waste. We love how dedicated they are to this cause!


Materials: Recycled polyester, spandex

Made in: United States

Size Range: XS-XL; men and women’s clothing available

Pricing: Tops starting at $39, leggings starting at $89

two women doing yoga in Manduka's sustainable yoga clothing
Photos courtesy of Manduka.


Manduka has a range of eco-friendly yoga clothes that are made from high-quality sustainable materials. Because some of their fabrics are created from recycled polyester instead of regular cotton or synthetics, you can feel good about their environmental impact.

The pieces are also really thick and comfortable to wear.

Whether you’re working out in-studio or on Zoom, you’ll feel good in these yoga clothes.

The leggings, in particular, are super flattering and soft. They have a bit of compression to them for a smoother appearance, so they may seem small when you take them out of the box, but you’ll love their om-azing second-skin feel.

And if you’re in need of a non-toxic yoga mat, Manduka has some of the best on the market, so you can get all of your yoga gear in one place.

Why We Chose Manduka: Manduka’s range of eco-friendly yoga clothes are made from high-quality sustainable materials, they’re comfortable to wear, and they come in a variety of styles.

Certifications: None Found

Materials: recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other plant-based materials

Size Ranges: XS-XL (men’s and women’s sizes available)

Pricing: Tops starting at $39, leggings starting at $90

three women modeling sustainable yoga clothes from Prana
Products from left to right: Layna Bra paired with Layna Short, Becksa 7/8 Legging, Zawn Tank. Photos courtesy of Prana.


Prana is a highly popular brand among yogis because of their quality, durability, and stylish designs. They have many different styles available so you are sure to find something that suits your needs, and since they’re a pretty big name, you can purchase their clothing through a variety of different retailers like Everyday Yoga and Amazon.

Their activewear is made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester, and they have an extensive restricted substance list (RSL) that includes PFAS “forever chemicals” and other health hazards.

The brand is working to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions every day by improving its efficiencies in warehouses, transportation, and making better use of recycling opportunities.

Additionally, they’ve partnered with The Renewal Workshop to divert garment and textile waste from landfills, and they use minimal packaging without the use of plastic. Their hang tags are even made of recycled materials.

Not only are they concerned about their impact on the environment, they also make sure to put people at the forefront of their company. They were one of the first activewear brands to partner with Fair Trade USA for clothing, and they have a goal for 100% of their clothing to be made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory by 2028.

Why We Chose Prana: This brand takes luxury activewear to another level by creating durable pieces that have a longer lifespan than other sustainable yoga clothes. In addition to using recycled materials to make their clothing, they also use materials like organic cotton and hemp, which has natural performance qualities and needs less water and pesticide usage. Their clothing is also available in a variety of stores, making them easy to purchase and pick up locally.

Certifications: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), GOTS-Certified, Organic Cotton Standard

Materials: Recycled fibers (nylon, polyester made from plastic bottles), organic cotton, hemp; soon to include recycled cotton fabrics as well

Made in: Unsure; reached out to Prana for comment

Size Ranges: XS-3X

Pricing: Tops starting at $39, leggings starting at $69, jackets starting at $89

3 women doing different yoga poses in Beckons sustainable organic cotton yoga clothing
Products shown from left to right: Love lace-up halter in black with the Warrior love-lace capri in black, Love lace-up halter in white with the Love capri leggings in dark teal, Wisdom ruffled capri in white with the Love lace-up halter in white. Photos courtesy of Beckons.


Beckons is an organic yoga company that focuses on designing sustainable yoga clothes for men and women. They use high-quality organic cotton to create their activewear that’s super soft and comfortable—you’ll never want to take it off.

This brand doesn’t sell their clothes in stores so you can’t just pick them up at a yoga shop, but they do have an online store where you can browse and purchase your items. They also offer free shipping on orders that are over $100.

Their clothing is made in the USA to reduce their environmental footprint, and they recycle their shipping boxes and avoid poly mailers as much as possible.

Why We Chose Beckons: Beckons supports organic farming, which is safer for the planet and our health. They have a lot of high-quality clothing options in a range of colors and styles, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


Materials: Organic Cotton, lycra

Made in: USA

Size Ranges: XS – XXL

Pricing: Bottoms starting at $65, tees starting at $48, tanks starting at $58


Reprise is an eco-friendly yoga wear company that uses sustainable materials and practices to create its clothing.

Instead of using recycled polyester though (like many of the brands on our list), Reprise’s yoga clothes are completely polyester-free because the company’s mission is “to keep plastic off your body.”

While they applaud the brands who are creating clothes from recycled plastic (as do we!), they are hyper-aware that “to have recycled plastics, we need the world to keep using virgin plastics,” which, obviously, isn’t in the best interest of the planet.

Instead, they use sustainably-sourced Tencel fabric made from eucalyptus trees. They’re 100% transparent about the materials they use, noting that 7% of their fabric is spandex (which they plan to make plant-based ASAP).

They also use low-impact dyes that are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified, which ensures safety for you and is Earth-friendly.

Tencel is breathable and will keep you cool during any activity (even hot yoga), and it’s super soft and stretchy too. That being said, you may want to size down if you’re in-between sizes.

Reprise also takes extra care in the packaging of their products. From recyclable cardboard mailers to zero-waste stickers and mailing labels, they’ve thought of everything to reduce their carbon footprint, and they’re carbon neutral!

Why We Chose Reprise: Reprise is an eco-friendly yoga wear company that uses sustainable materials and practices to create its clothing. They’re 100% transparent about the materials they use, and they’ve partnered with various offset projects to become carbon-neutral. In fact, you can see a visual representation of each product’s carbon footprint on the buy page.

Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification, OEKO-TEX, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Fair Trade

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in: USA

Size Ranges: XS-6X

Pricing: Leggings starting at $120, but the brand offers try-ons with free shipping and returns


You don’t have to wonder how this brand got its name. For every item purchased, Tentree plants 10 trees. They work with sustainable forestry projects around the world to make sure that their trees are planted in areas that need them most.

To date, they’ve planted nearly 62 million trees.

Head to Tentree’s website, and you’ll find a good variety of styles available in a variety of colors. They have bras, leggings, jackets, tops, and even hats that are made from post-consumer plastic waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Tentree is all about creating positive change throughout the world, and they don’t stop at their products. Their packaging will be plastic-free by 2023, and you can even purchase a Climate+ subscription, which will offset your personal footprint each month.

The brand is also a certified B Corp, which means it meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

People are at the forefront of everything they do too. Their supplier code of conduct assures all workers are compensated with a living wage and are not forced to work excessive hours.

You may think all of this would come at a higher price for the consumer, but Tentree is one of the most affordable options on this list, and they hold regular sales throughout the year.

Why We Chose Tentree: We love Tentree’s commitment to sustainability. Not only do they plant 10 trees for every item purchased, but they also use sustainable materials in their clothes. This brand also cares about the people who make their clothes, and they’re budget-friendly — making sustainable clothing accessible to more people.

Certifications: B-Corp, Climate Neutral

Materials: Recycled Polyester, Tencel, Elastane

Made in: Philippines

Size Ranges: XS-XL

Pricing: Leggings starting at $58, tops starting at $40

photo on the left shows a close-up of a woman wearing Happy Earth's sustainable yoga leggings with pockets and the photo on the right shows a woman doing yoga on the beach

Happy Earth

Happy Earth is a sustainable yoga clothing brand that was birthed from a desire to make a difference and put Earth first.

With every purchase, Happy Earth let’s you choose where a portion of the profits go. You can decide toplant trees, offset additional carbon emissions, or clean up a pound of trash.

They use organic cotton, tencel, and a bit of lycra to make their sustainable leggings (which provides some stretch).

Happy Earth is a Certified B Corp, Carbon Neutral, Fair Trade, and a member of 1% for the Planet.

Why We Chose Happy Earth: You can feel good knowing that your purchase made a difference by planting trees, reducing your carbon footprint, or cleaning up trash! Plus, you will be supporting an eco-friendly company that uses organic cotton and sustainable tencel throughout its products.

Certifications: B Corp, Carbon Neutral, Fair Trade

Materials: Organic Cotton, Tencel, Lycra

Made in:

Size Ranges: XS-XL (4-14)

Pricing: Leggings starting at $65

three women modeling sustainable yoga clothes from Pact
Photos courtesy of Pact Apparel


Pact is a fairly well-known brand. Their GOTS-certified organic cotton apparel is high-quality and low-cost, and they’re constantly adding new products to expand their reach.

In addition to their ultra-comfortable go-to leggings, Pact also sells organic cotton pajamas, bras, t-shirts, and organic underwear.

You may notice that some of their items aren’t 100% organic cotton though. That’s because they blend the cotton with elastane to give certain pieces more stretch (including their leggings, which are 89% organic cotton and 11% elastane).

All of their products are made in a Fair Trade, GOTS certified factory in India, which means the people and the planet are treated with respect through the entire production process.

Pact also uses eco-friendly packaging, and customers can add carbon offset shipping to their orders.

Why We Chose Pact: Pact makes high-quality, low-cost clothing that is also super comfortable and well designed. Pact has a wide range of sustainable styles available that are perfect for yoga, and they use certified organic cotton fabrics, which is safer for the planet (and your skin).

Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade, B Corp

Materials: Recycled Polyester and Spandex

Made in: India

Size Ranges: XS-XXL

Pricing: Leggings starting at $35, tops starting at $20 and you can get an additional 20% off your first order when you use the code NESTINGNATURALLY


Boody is a U.S. brand that provides high-quality, eco-friendly clothing for men, women, and kids.

They have a large assortment of activewear, including leggings, shorts, tanks, sports bras, and more, all of which is made with sustainable bamboo and organic cotton fabric.

Bamboo is more sustainable than other materials. For starters, it grows extremely quickly and doesn’t require the use of pesticides. It also needs very little water to grow, and every part of the plant can be used in production, so using it is more eco-friendly than cotton.

Plus, bamboo produces more oxygen and cleans the air better than cotton.

Though Boody’s manufacturing facilities are based in China, the brand only works with Fair Trade Certified factories to ensure people are treated fairly throughout the production process. Factories must adhere to Boody’s strict Code of Conduct before they’re allowed to produce the clothing.

You can see Boody’s commitment to the environment in their packaging as well. It’s completely plastic-free! Boody products ship in compostable bags that are printed with non-toxic vegetable inks that are better for the earth.

Why We Chose Boody: Boody uses sustainable fabrics and ingredients that are ethical and eco-friendly. Plus, their clothes are comfortable, high quality, and stylish! The brand is cruelty-free, non-toxic, and good to people. We really love the high-waisted leggings – the side pockets are a huge plus!

Certifications: Eco Cert, FSC, Peta, OEKO-TEX

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Made in: China

Size Ranges: XS-XL

Pricing: Bras starting at $45, leggings starting at $80

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable yoga clothes brand that uses recycled materials to create their clothing.

Most of their activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles (sourced in Taiwan), and the rest is made from recycled nylon.

They also use eco-friendly dyes, which means their clothing is less harmful to the environment. That being said, the unique dyeing process may result in slight color variations. So if you buy a bra and leggings that are the same color, they may not be a perfect match. Just something to keep in mind.

Girlfriend Collective’s packaging is also eco-friendly. It’s made of recycled materials and is recyclable.

And they don’t stop there. If your clothes get worn out, you can send them back to be recycled into new Girlfriend clothing through the ReGirlfriend program. And you’ll get store credit in the process. A win for you and the environment.

Why We Chose Girlfriend Collective: Not only does this company have an extremely large size range but it has a variety of different types of yoga clothing and activewear. The Brand’s commitment to the environment is also an important factor for us, and they care about people too. Their SA8000 factory guarantees fair wages, safe working environments, and no forced or child labor.

Certifications: OEKO-Tex, SA8000 factory

Materials: recycled polyester, recycled nylon

Made in: Fabric made in Taiwan; Clothing produced in Vietnam

Size Ranges: XXS-6X

Pricing: Tops starting at $44, leggings for $78


WE-AR makes yoga clothes for men and women made from sustainable organic cotton, bamboo, and modal.

They care about the environment, so they work hard to reduce their impact on the earth by upcycling. This means that WE-AR doesn’t waste materials and tries to do as much as it can with them instead of throwing them away.

They’re also committed to fair labor conditions. That’s why WE-AR is an Accredited Living Wage employer. They work with sustainable suppliers who pay fair wages that are in line with the local community standards.

So, you can buy yoga clothes that are made in safe conditions for people and great working environments where each worker is paid fairly.

Why We Chose WE-AR: WE-AR’s dedication to fair labor conditions, upcycling processes, and sustainable materials makes them a great choice for eco-friendly yoga clothes.


Materials: Organic cotton, bamboo, modal

Made in: Unsure – reached out to the brand for comment

Pricing: Bras starting at $72, Leggings starting at $118

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is a sustainable yoga clothes brand that is accessible at many different retailers, which is part of the reason we love it so much.

Many boutiques buy Threads 4 Thought (so you can support a local business in your area!), and you can also sometimes find it at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack or subscription services like Stitch Fix.

Their clothing is made of organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and sustainable modal, and their production factories recycle and reuse 80% of their wastewater.

The brand also uses spandex in some of its pieces, but they’re working to completely eliminate it in the near future.

Threads 4 Thought also has a commitment to people. They’ve partnered with International Rescue Committee to contribute a part of their profits to communities around the world, and they make sure their factories adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Why We Chose Threads 4 Thought: We love that Threads 4 Thought is widely available in brick-and-mortar stores, and that they’re making sustainable yoga clothes more accessible to everyone. Their yoga pants are extremely lightweight and moisture-wicking, and they’re budget-friendly too.


Materials: Organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, beechwood modal

Made in: China, Guatamala

Size Ranges: XS-XXL (men’s and women’s clothing available)

Pricing: Leggings starting at $48, bras and tops starting at $48

What Does Sustainable Mean in Clothing?

Clothing that is sustainable in the sense of the environment means that the brands have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact. This can be done by using upcycled materials to minimize waste, natural fibers such as organic cotton and modal, not using harmful chemicals when processing their clothes, and making sure workers are treated fairly throughout the process.

Why Do We Need Sustainable Yoga Clothes?

Yoga clothes that are sustainable in the sense of the environment are essential because they limit their environmental impact throughout the production and manufacturing process. It’s good for people who want to minimize their environmental footprint and feel good about what they are wearing, and it’s also good for people who want to help prevent the depletion of resources in our environment.

What Are Other Benefits of Buying Sustainable Yoga Clothes?

There are many benefits to buying sustainable yoga clothes.

  • Natural materials are more breathable than synthetics, which is great for working out.
  • Clothing produced using eco-friendly techniques will likely contain fewer harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin.
  • They’re usually made in a way that is respectful to people around the world, giving workers a living wage and time off when needed.
  • It embraces the ethos of practicing mindfulness in all aspects of life.

How To Find The Most Sustainable Yoga Clothes

It is important for consumers to do their research on each brand before buying from them. It is easy to know if a company has sustainable materials by checking the label, and you can also look into their manufacturing processes by searching in their FAQs or sending them a quick email. Most sustainable brands will be very open about their processes. Here are some other ways to spot a sustainable yoga clothing brand:

Look For Natural Materials

Look for brands that make their clothing from natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, or modal. These materials are often sustainably sourced, and they’re usually organic which means they don’t use harsh chemicals to grow or process them.

Look For Upcycled or Recycled Materials

Look for brands that use upcycled materials such as plastic water bottles or fabric waste. These types of materials are not only sustainable since they reduce waste and don’t take new resources to create the product, but they’re also durable and comfortable.

Look For Open Communication

Look for brands that are open to answering your questions. If you have any questions about their materials or manufacturing process, reach out to them either on their website or social media. Sustainable brands will be open to giving you the answers you’re looking for.

Check Where The Factory Is Located

Look for brands that make their products in the USA or Europe as these countries have strong labor laws. If the factories are elsewhere, check to see if the company is transparent about its labor practices.

Look For Third Party Certifications

Another way to identify sustainable yoga clothes is to look for third-party certifications. Certifications such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Fair Trade, and FSC. are all good indicators that the company is taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

Check For Fair Trade Practices

Look for brands that have a fair trade policy. These practices ensure people who make the clothes are being paid fairly and treated ethically.

Sustainably made yoga clothes are essential for people who want to minimize their environmental footprint, and there are many brands that make eco-friendly products. By doing your research on each brand before making a purchase, you can be sure to buy from a company that aligns with your values!

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