61 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts (2023)

Mother’s Day is a day to honor mothers and motherhood, but we shouldn’t skimp out on honoring the planet as well. These eco-friendly and ethical mother’s day gifts will help you celebrate Mother’s Day in a good way for the earth.

Whether your mom enjoys gardening, cooking, or simply needs a bit of self-care, this list of eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts should provide you with some inspiration to find something that she’ll be excited about.

And you’ll be helping the planet too.

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mom and young daughter cooking together

Eco-Friendly Gifts For The Mom… Who Likes To Cook

Thrive Market Membership

A Thrive Market Membership is perfect for moms who enjoy cooking. With a membership, they’ll be able to get organic, non-GMO foods delivered straight to their door at reasonable prices. And with the money you save on groceries by shopping at Thrive Market, she can treat herself to something nice for Mother’s Day, too.

Caraway Cookware

This unique cookware set has a ceramic coating that can be used on the stove top and in the oven without food sticking to the surface (all while being safe and non-toxic). We love their non-toxic baking sheets! Caraway keeps its packaging minimal too, completely eliminating all single-use plastic, which is a major score for the environment.

Countertop Compost Bin

If your mom is environmentally conscious, she’ll love this compost bin. This eco-friendly compost bin will let her save money and the planet by making the most of food scraps like eggshells and avocado cores that would normally end up in the trash. And it doesn’t require any liners which means one less thing for her to buy (and discard).

Goodwood Rolling Pin

Made from maple, cherry, or walnut, this eco-friendly rolling pin is easy to clean and won’t rust like metal pins (yay for no more food stuck in crevices). And even better: it’s made from scrap wood leftover from making Goodwood’s furniture. Scrap wood that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Mom may also like Goodwood’s pantry spice rack.

Vital Choice Vital Box

Offering the best of sustainable wild-caught seafood, Vital Choice offers a monthly box of recipe-ready seafood portions and artisanal products like salmon jerky and seafood bacon. If your mom’s always wanted to eat more seafood but didn’t want to go through the hassle of picking out sustainably-sourced fresh fillets at the store, this is for her.

mom reading handmade card

Sustainable Gifts For Moms… Who Just Want A Card

Tree-Free Greetings

Tree-Free Greetings uses 100 percent post-consumer waste and VOC-free inks to create their cards to reduce their environmental impact. The cards are all printed in the USA in solar-powered factories, and they’re all 100% recyclable. Which makes the planet happy. And it will make Mom happy too.

Plantable Card With Seed Paper

If your mom loves greenery and flowers (and the planet) she’ll like this environmentally friendly plantable card. Made with seeds embedded in recycled paper, when the card is planted in soil, it will break down and grow wildflowers. Isn’t that cool? Now your card will live on for years to come.

Junk Mail Greeting Card

This environmentally-friendly greeting card is made from recycled junk mail, so it’s extra eco-friendly. You can even see fragments of junk mail in the paper (which gives it a colorful appearance). Made in the USA without chemicals or dyes, these cards are just plain fun… without hurting the planet.

woman in a knitted sweater holding three spools of yarn

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts … For the Crafty Mom

Bottle Cutter Kit

This eco-friendly gift is perfect for the crafty mom who likes to make things with her hands. Rather than throwing glass bottles and jars in the recycling bin (or worse: the trash), she can turn them into custom pieces of home decor and storage solutions. And with this bottle cutter kit, it’s easy and safe.

Recycled Yarn

If your mom enjoys knitting, she’ll love this eco-friendly yarn made from ultra-soft recycled Italian cashmere. You can get the yarn on its own, or you can pick out a craft kit and give her a brand new project to work on. Either way, she’ll be helping the environment by repurposing trash into beauty.

woman eating chocolate bar

Sustainable Gifts For The Mom… With A Sweet Tooth


Organic and fair trade, this chocolate is made from sustainably sourced ingredients. It’s free from GMOs and uses half the sugar compared to other candy brands. So mom can have a guilt-free chocolate fix without feeling bad about the treatment of the environment. And it’s mouth-wateringly delicious. (Be sure to buy a bag for yourself as well.)

Alter Eco

Chocolate doesn’t have to be bad for you or the environment. Alter Eco’s chocolate is fair trade and organic, with delicious flavors like Salted Caramel, Mint, Quinoa Crunch. They also sell vegan candy bars that are free of dairy. Plus the packaging is all recyclable or compostable, and Alter Eco is Climate Neutral. A win for the environment and Mom too.

Divine Chocolate

Another chocolate company that’s dedicated to making a difference, Divine is fighting exploitation in the chocolate industry by using fair trade cocoa beans and giving farmers a stake in the company. Co-owned by the farmers who produce the chocolate, Divine ensures they are able to support their families and communities. Plus, it tastes amazing. Seriously, divine.

Thrive Market Organic Chocolate Bars

If your mother is a fan of chocolate and wants to feel good about the ingredients she’s buying, these ethically-sourced organic chocolate bars from Thrive Market are for her. They’re sweetened with coconut sugar, so mom can feel good about getting her chocolate fix while also supporting a brand that cares about the planet.

Theo Chocolate

Another great chocolate company, Theo uses fair trade and organic cocoa beans to make their delicious candy bars. And they have a subscription service so you can send your mom a monthly delivery of her favorite chocolate goodies, ensuring that she’s never without a sweet tooth fix.

Most of the candies above can be purchased through Thrive Market at a discount. If you don’t already have a Thrive Market subscription, you can sign up today and get a huge discount off of their already reduced prices!

woman outdoors with hiking backpack and binoculars

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Moms… Who Love The Outdoors

Plan An Adventure With Her

Give the gift of an eco-friendly outdoor adventure. For the mom who loves camping, hiking, biking or exploring, she’d no doubt love to go on an outdoor adventure with you. You might not be able to plan a trip to places that are further away from home, but maybe you can go camping in a nearby park instead of vacationing on a beach somewhere. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with her and connect over something you both enjoy doing.

National or State Parks Pass

If your mom likes visiting national or state parks, an annual pass would certainly make her happy. You can purchase either (or both!) online, and Mom will get free admission to the parks of her choice. Since most parks charge per vehicle (and not per person), she can bring people along with her too! So tag along with her and discover new parks together.

Grayl Purifying Water Bottle

Help your mom stay safe and hydrated while she’s on her next outdoor adventure by giving her this stylish purifying water bottle. Grayl uses an activated carbon filter to make the water you collect free of contaminants and bacteria. It’s especially great for those who like to go on multi-day backpacking trips, as it helps save the weight and cost of carrying multiple water bottles.

Sand Cloud Beach Towel

If you and Mom like to hang out at the beach, give her this 100% Turkish organic cotton towel to lay in the sand or sun. Sand Cloud makes amazing towels, and they also donate 10% of their profits to marine conservation efforts. With the number of patterns and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for her beach bag.

person planting flowers in a garden

Ethical Gifts For Moms… With A Green Thumb

ēdn SmallGarden

If you have a mom who’s into gardening, the ēdn SmallGarden is an amazing product. It will help her grow produce (or beautiful bouquets) even if she lives in a studio apartment and will send alerts when the plant needs water or additional care. Plus, it’s one of the few indoor gardens available that uses real wood and metal. So it looks nice on the counter, and it’s more sustainable too.

Growing Kit

Give her the gift of choice with a Growing Kit. You can find different kinds designed for urban living or in small spaces, and each kit will come with everything she’ll need to get started growing. Once it arrives, you and Mom can start planning her garden together!

Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

Bees are crucial to Earth’s agricultural system, so your mom might enjoy having her own pollinator with this solitary bee nest. It will attract the little guys without too much fuss, and improve the health of all local plants and flowers. Plus, she’ll be helping out the bee population.

Arber Plant Wellness Products

With Arber’s Plant Wellness Kits, you can help your mom’s beloved plants stay healthy and vibrant. They include biologicals and plant food that will help prevent contaminants and diseases that plants are especially susceptible to. Plus, the kit will encourage healthy root growth. Her plants will be so happy!

woman with a glass of red wine in her hand

Sustainable Gifts For Mothers… Who Enjoy Good Wine

Dry Farms Wine Subscription

Does your mom enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets on the patio? If so, she’ll love being able to get new sugar-free organic wine to try at home with a Dry Farms Wine Subscription. Each month, she’ll get a mix of red and/or white wine from different organic vineyards that are heavily vetted by the company. She’ll learn about different kinds of wine, and discover new favorites to add to her home bar too!

Plonk Wine Club

When you sign Mom up for Plonk Wine Club, she will receive bottles of red, white, or a mixture of wine every month. Plonk’s wines are sustainably produced in small batches, and the grapes are organically grown without pesticides or added chemicals. Choose between four, six, and twelve bottles per month, and she’ll get to try rare organic wine from all over the world.

Mysa Wine Subscription

Another great wine subscription service is Mysa (pronounced mee-sa) Wines. This company is a big advocate for natural wines that won’t weigh Mom down. They buy their wine from small growers that are sustainable and use minimal sulfites (or none at all). Each month, she’ll get three, six, or twelve bottles of wine to try, and will also receive expert pairing suggestions.

Usual Wines

If your mom prefers to have a single glass of wine in the evening or only drinks it occasionally, Usual Wines will be perfect for her! They’ll send her 12 6.3 oz bottles of wine, which is just enough for her to enjoy a large glass of her favorite. You can choose between reds, whites, rosés, or a mixture, and all of the wines are free of added sugar and unnecessary chemicals. Usual Wines specialize in California wines from small sustainable farms, so your mom will be able to feel really good about drinking them.

woman drinking black coffee in bed

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Women… Who Can’t Get Through The Day Without Coffee

Hydroflask Coffee Mug

A gift for a mom who’s always on the go, this insulated coffee mug will keep her coffee warm (or cold) for hours. Hydroflask is made from double-walled stainless steel that’s vacuum insulated to protect hands from getting too hot or too cold. Plus she can take it to her favorite cafe instead of being handed a single-use disposable cup that will just end up in a landfill.

Organic Coffee

For the health-conscious mom who drinks coffee every day, pack a basket full of delicious organic coffee. No matter what kind of coffee she loves, there’s an organic blend that will please her palette. There are so many different kinds out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Try browsing this list of the best organic coffee brands and flavors to find one that she will love. We buy ours from Thrive Market. And if she prefers decaf, check out our list of the best decaf coffees.

Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Counter Culture Coffee is another great option for a sustainable coffee subscription service. Their coffee comes from small farms all over the world that are ethically cultivated and harvested with a commitment to quality and sustainability. You can choose between one, two, three, or four bags per month delivered straight to her door.

woman pouring tea from kettle into teacup

Sustainable Gifts For Moms… Who Prefer Tea

Vahdam Teas Gleam Porcelain Teapot

For the mom who likes to drink multiple cups of tea a day, this porcelain teapot is perfect because it holds half a liter. It’s made from non-toxic BPA-free ceramic, and the brand is climate and plastic-neutral. The tea filter is also made from stainless steel, so it won’t rust or break, and the entire teapot is dishwasher safe. Read more about our favorite non-toxic teapots.

Arbor Teas Tea of the Month Club

For the mom who loves to experiment with new flavors, this monthly tea club is a great gift option. Choose between herbal or black tea, and they’ll send her a new bag of tea to try each month. Arbor Teas only uses the highest quality teas that are organic, sustainable, and fair trade. The company is carbon-free, and the packaging is all compostable too!

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

A stainless steel tea infuser is the perfect gift for the mom who’s trying to cut back on waste, but still loves her morning cup of tea. This one has a strong, BPA-free stainless steel top that can hold even the fullest tea leaves. She’ll never have to worry about buying disposable tea bags again! If you want to add some loose-leaf tea to go along with it, check out our list of favorites.

Soma Brew Bottle

For the mom who’s always on the go, this tea brewer bottle is perfect because it’s BPA-free and holds 16 oz. of tea, which is just enough for her to enjoy a hot cup of tea wherever she goes. All she has to do is put in her favorite organic loose leaf tea, fill the bottle with hot water, close the lid tightly, and go about her day. (We like using this bottle for our organic coffee and cold brews too.)

close up of necklaces on woman

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts… For Women Who Love Jewelry

Nisolo Jewelry

For the mom who loves a minimalist look, Nisolo is a perfect choice. The company sources the pieces from artisans in Kenya who handmake all of the jewelry from upcycled brass. All of their jewelry is made from recycled and ethically sourced metals, and they have some great picks for moms who love chunky jewelry as well.

Akola Jewelry

For the mom who loves the story behind her jewelry, Akola will be a great gift. Their jewelry is handmade by an all-women team in Uganda, and each piece comes with a story that aims to empower women and preserve traditional art forms. The company uses sustainable practices that support local communities, and they pay every worker a living wage. Mom is sure to love Akola’s Gemstone Mama Bracelet.


ABLE is a company that makes jewelry from responsibly sourced materials, and they’re working to create jobs for women who have overcome extreme situations. ABLE’s jewelry is all made in-house in Nashville, TN (USA), and they make sure everyone is paid a living wage. In fact, they publish their lowest wages on their website. The metals are all sustainably sourced from US-based vendors, and they opt for the most natural manufacturing solutions possible, creating a better working environment and reducing pollution.

woman putting on makeup in front of a mirror

Ethical Gifts… For the Beauty-Loving Mom

Elate Cosmetics Bamboo Brush Set

This beautiful bamboo brush set is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to experiment with makeup. The handles are made from sustainably harvested bamboo wood, and they come in a gorgeous bamboo canister to keep them in. These brushes are vegan and cruelty-free (which means the bristles aren’t made with animal hair like many other makeup brushes).

100% Pure Makeup

100% Pure offers naturally pigmented makeup that’s free of harmful chemicals. All of the ingredients are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free. This makeup is also made in the USA! We think they have some of the best natural foundations on the market, but if you’re not sure where to start, you can grab a great gift set filled with items that Mom is sure to love.

The Detox Box

For a mom who loves trying new green beauty products, this box is perfect. It comes with one or more items with a combined value of at least $90, and it ships every month. Whether she’s super crunchy or she’s just getting into green beauty, this box will be a perfect gift that she’ll get excited about every month.

mom holding newborn baby

Eco-Friendly Gifts For A New Mom

A Night Out

Having a baby is hard work, and the work doesn’t stop when you leave the hospital. If she’s up for it, a night out would be the perfect gift for a new mom. Watch the baby for an hour or two while she goes out with her partner or her girlfriends. This way, she can bond without worrying about the baby (as much) while she’s away.

Coyuchi Robe

A luxurious robe is exactly what a new mom needs to relax! This one from Coyuchi is made of 100% organic cotton that’s grown without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers, so she can rest assured that it’s safe for herself and her baby. She’ll be super comfortable in it, and it will be easy to nurse in too. Luckily it looks pretty nice too (because she won’t want to take it off!).

Professional House Cleaning

Having a clean house is nearly impossible when you have a new baby, and she’s already sleep-deprived as it is. It will be the perfect gift for this busy mom to come home to a fresh, clean space. This way, she can spend some quality time bonding with her little one without worrying about cleaning up beforehand. Ask around to find a house cleaner that uses non-toxic cleaning products, or supply your own for them.

mom doing yoga with toddler

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Moms… Who Never Miss A Workout

Sustainable Yoga Mat

For a yogi mom, a new yoga mat would be a great gift. This one from Scoria is made of sustainable cork that’s free of harmful chemicals, and the designs are beautiful. The mat is eco-friendly, so she’ll be able to work out in style while knowing that she’s not hurting the environment. We have an entire article about non-toxic yoga mats, so you can learn more about what to look for when you’re buying one.

Eco-Friendly Activewear

If your mom loves to hit the gym, we have an entire post dedicated to helping you find the most sustainable yoga clothes and other activewear. This article will help you find clothes that are made in a sustainable way, so she doesn’t have to worry about harming the environment while she’s working out.

Allbirds Wool Runners

If your mom loves the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a pair of these ultra-comfy Allbirds wool runners. They’re made from merino wool that’s sustainably sourced, so they’re much better for the planet than many other sneaker brands, and they’re super breathable and lightweight too. These are some of our favorite sustainable shoes, so we can’t recommend them enough. Even if she’s not working out in them, they’re a great everyday shoe.

woman reading a book in bed

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts… For Avid Readers

Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited

If your mom loves reading books, get her a Kindle Paperwhite. You can choose between the regular or signature edition (which has more storage), depending on how much she likes to read. Since the Kindle uses no paper, it’s better for the environment than physical books, and she’ll also get access to millions of ebooks through Kindle Unlimited, so she’s sure to be able to find something that she’ll love.

Audible Subscription

If she’s more into audiobooks than ebooks, your best bet is to get her an Audible subscription. You can choose between options like 3 months or 1 year of access to a library of over 2 million books (including some exclusives). The best part is that it will sync with the Kindle app so she can switch seamlessly from reading to listening.

Latest Book Releases From Thrift Books

Thrift Books is a great website that curates the best deals on used books. When you order from them, you get all of the latest releases for cheap, and they come straight to your door. It’s perfect for an avid reader because she’ll always be able to find her next favorite book at Thrift Books.

woman holding lit jar candle

Environmentally-Friendly Gifts… For the Mom Who Loves Candles

Non-Toxic Candles

Candles are a great gift, but regular candles are terrible for the environment (and your health). Many of them contain chemicals that evaporate into the air and pollute our air. If your mom loves to burn candles, you should find some from a company like Fontana Candle Company, which makes their candles with a soy wax blend that’s free of toxins and chemicals. Read more about non-toxic candles (and get more of our top picks!).

Non-Toxic Wax Melts

If you know your mom loves scented wax melts, but doesn’t want to use anything that’s toxic in her home, you can still get them for her. Look for ones like the beeswax melts from Alma Naturals. They come in a variety of scents and are made with 100% natural beeswax and essential oils. Learn more about what to look for in wax melts.

pregnant woman laying in bed

Eco-Conscious Gifts… For the Mom-To-Be

Earth Mama Gift Set

If your favorite lady is pregnant, you can get her this gift set from Earth Mama. It’s perfect for any mama to be – it includes body wash, belly butter, belly oil, lip balm, and Earth Mama’s Ginger Fresh Deoderant (which will be easy on her senses and safer for her and baby).

Pregnancy Safe Makeup

If you want to get her a makeup gift, look for something that’s pregnancy safe. This article can help you find everything from lipstick to eyeshadow that’s better for the planet and safer for her and baby. She may even find a new favorite brand that she wants to stick to after baby is born!

woman laying on massage table

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts… For Moms Who Needs A Little Self-Care (ahem, every mom)

At-Home Spa Gift Box

If she needs a little self-care, EarthHero curates a spa gift box with relaxing eco-friendly products that are perfect for any mom. Each product is made sustainably and naturally without parabens. She’ll love everything from the non-toxic candle to the plant clay face mask, and she’ll appreciate the sustainability of each brand.

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great gift for anyone, but they’re especially perfect for moms who need to relax after a long day with the kiddos. She’ll love some time to herself and the rejuvenating effects of the bath bomb. Unfortunately, most bath bombs are made with toxins that aren’t so great for her or the planet. Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs, however, are made with organic and earth-friendly ingredients that she can enjoy in her bath.

Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can help her get a better night’s sleep, but many of them are made with polyester and stuffed with plastic beads. Bearaby’s Tree Napper is different. It’s made with natural eucalyptus fibers, which are biodegradable, and will keep her nice and cool all night long. Though it’s a little on the pricey side, Mom will be able to use it for years to come, and it will help her feel better rested and revitalized for the next day.

Self Care Planner

If she has trouble remembering to take time out of the day for herself, this self-care planner will be perfect for her. It includes a six-step personal self-care plan, which will help her prioritize the things that matter most and keep her focused on gratitude instead of stress. It’s open-dated for 6 months of self-care, so she’ll be able to start it whenever her life needs a little boost.

woman traveling with backpack

Eco-Friendly Gifts… For the Mom Who Travels

Paravel’s Sustainable Luggage

Everyone can appreciate a suitcase that’s better for the planet, and Paravel’s luggage and travel bags are made with post-consumer waste like upcycled plastic water bottles, recycled polycarbonate, and recycled vegan leather. These bags will also stand out in baggage claim (which will give her more time to explore the location instead of waiting for her bag).

Recycled Packing Cubes

Your mom will love these packing cubes from Travel Dude. She can easily fit all of her clothes in them and they’ll compress down to give her more room in her bag. Plus they’ll help her stay organized throughout her trip. You can find packing cubes anywhere, but these are made from recycled plastic bottles to counteract plastic waste and help her be the most eco-friendly traveler she can be.

A Trip To A New Place

Instead of giving her something material, why not take her on a trip? It’ll be more special than any other gift she could receive and you know your mom deserves the relaxation. You can package this for her by finding an eco-friendly resort or hotel that uses renewable energy and is committed to sustainable initiatives. It can be a staycation, too!

Solar Phone Charger

This solar phone charger will be perfect for any mom who loves to travel. It’s compact, lightweight, and super-efficient. The high-efficiency panels will charge most phones in less than 2 hours – which is faster than most plug-in chargers, and it can actually charge up to four devices at once. Since she’s using solar power, her carbon footprint will be smaller, and she’ll always be able to charge her devices (even if the power goes out).

There are sustainable Mother’s Day gifts for every budget and interest, from the fitness fanatic to the eco-warrior. All of these gifts are earth-friendly and made from sustainable materials, so she can feel good about your purchases and know that they don’t have a negative impact on the planet. A win for mothers everywhere… even Mother Earth!

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