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The Best Natural Soap for Men

Hey, guys: just because soap is natural doesn’t mean it’s less manly! As we dug through the internet to find the best natural soap for men, we found some amazing products and company missions! 

Not only are we talking about some of the best brands but also ingredients that you should avoid and why. 

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The Best Natural Soap for Men 

Dr. Squatch Men’s Soap

This natural bar soap set made just for men comes with three different scents including Cedar Citrus, Pine Tar, and Alpine Sage. You never have to worry about harsh chemicals Dr. Squatch is totally transparent and lists all of their ingredients on their website, plus in-depth explanations of why they chose what they did! Many men say that Cedar Citrus is their favorite!

Method Men Cedar + Cypress

This plant-based cleanser comes in a gel form like a conventional body wash. Made without parabens and phthalates, it’s a great option for the guy who doesn’t like bar soap. It is also scented and described as a forest-inspired fragrance. Their natural soap lines do offer more fragrance options and they come in multiple sizes. 

Beast Soap Brick

You can use this soap from head to toe and on any skin type. This “bar” is more like a brick (hence the name). So Beast recommends cutting in half to make two bars so you can get more use. It’s made in the U.S., and it’s vegan and cruelty-free! The brand also recommends keeping the natural soap as dry as possible in between uses. For your peace of mind, they also disclose all of their ingredients, which is awesome!

Bravo Sierra Hair and Body Solid Cleaner 

Love supporting a company with a cause? 5% of all sales go to M.W.R which offers support programs to U.S. service members, veterans, and their families. Their products contain only natural ingredients and also come in fragrance-free versions! Plus, it’s made and formulated in the U.S. Bravo Sierra says each bar lasts for 30-40 showers, and guys love it because the scent isn’t too feminine! 

Buck Naked Natural Bar Soap (Unscented)

For the man who doesn’t love the fragrance of conventional soaps, this one has NO smell at all! Duke Cannon created this natural bar soap from natural vegetable-based ingredients. Because the soap contains steel cut grains, this option may not be the best for sensitive skin. This brand is an extension of Duluth Trading. They really take pride in their company and supporting our military. They offer discounts to military and first responders. The Duke Cannon Supply Co. also donates 5% of their net profits to the veterans and active-duty soldiers. 

Mountaineer Brand Beard, Hair, And Body Bar Chaga

Chaga tea is just one of the natural ingredients in this natural soap. It’s mild, gentle, and moisturizing so you can use it everywhere including your beard! In comparison to other natural soap for men, the Mountaineer Brand is super affordable and consumers report it lasting a month or more! This small family business launched in 2013 and remains a U.S. brand that is on a mission to keep families healthy after the owner lost his wife to breast cancer. 

Why Choose Natural Soap

Soap is soap. It isn’t a big deal to just pick one off the shelf and get to scrubbing, right? Wrong! Many ‘soaps’ on the market are far from what they’re labeled, and are actually closer to a detergent than an actual soap. Most soaps for men are synthetic detergent products that can damage your skin and body. They contain ingredients that effectively clean your skin, but potentially a bit too well. They can strip your skin of its natural oils which leave it itchy, dry, peeling, and can even lead to skin problems. 

Natural soaps for men are the best way to go for keeping your skin and body healthy. The best natural soap for men contains natural oils, butters, plant extracts, and exfoliants that don’t harm your skin. They’re genuinely good for your skin and overall health. 

For example, natural soap for men usually contains coconut oil, which contains vitamin E and moisturizes your skin like there’s no tomorrow. Natural soaps also usually contain shea butter and eucalyptus, which contain skin healing and antibacterial properties respectively. If you haven’t gotten it yet, stay away from detergents that wreck your skin and stick to a natural mens soap to stay healthy and clean. 

bar of natural soap next to leaves and towel

Ingredients to Avoid 

We could probably write a book on ingredients to avoid in your soap. Instead, we’ll just list a few main ones to steer clear of when buying your soap. And remember: the best natural soap for men won’t contain any of these ingredients! 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an anionic surfactant, which means it’s great for cleaning things. Unfortunately, your skin isn’t one of them. SLS is what makes your soap foamy. Unfortunately, it will dry your skin out and irritate the heck out of it. It’s partner in crime, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is a cheap foaming agent that can be carcinogenic to humans. 


Triclosan is a common ingredient in soaps and detergents that are labeled as antibacterial. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified Triclosan as a pesticide, which means it’s better for killing bugs than cleaning human skin. Most antibacterial soaps contain this chemical, which some believe is contributing to an increasing bacterial resistance across the world. 


Don’t get us wrong, we like smelling good and you probably do too. Sometimes, however, fragrances are convenient hiding spots for some toxic chemicals. Phthalates are a group of chemicals often used in fragrances. These chemicals have been shown to cause liver, kidney, lung, and reproductive system harm. The best way to avoid these chemicals is to avoid fragrance all together or look for a brand that discloses all of the ingredients used in their fragrances.


Parabens are often used to preserve cosmetics and personal care products, just like preservatives in food. The chemical can penetrate the skin and remain in the body for long periods of time. This could potentially disrupt the normal function of hormone systems. Truly natural soap for men won’t contain parabens, but always check the label to be safe. 

Now that you are tossing out your conventional soap, find the best natural hand soap and non-toxic hand sanitizer that you should try based on our research! If you find that you really would rather have a body wash, you may be interested in these organic body washes.

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