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Thrive Market Diapers Review (2023)

My husband and I have three kids, and we’ve spent the last six years of our lives purchasing diapers. Needless to say, we’ve tried a ton of different brands. The most recent box we tried was from Thrive Market.

Just so you know, this post is NOT sponsored. I purchased these diapers at full price with the Thrive Market membership that I pay for. The post does, however, contain some affiliate links, which means I could be compensated if you decide to make a purchase. That’s how I keep this site running. My full disclosure isn’t as interesting as this Thrive Market Diapers review, but you can read it here.

I am a huge fan of Thrive Market, and I have been for years. But I never even thought about purchasing their diapers. So with my 9-month-old on my hip, I decided it was time to find out if Thrive Market diapers are good.

*Spoiler alert: I really liked them!*

We’ll go into details about how absorbent they are, how much their waistband helps with leaks, and we’ll compare them to some of our other favorite brands.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

baby on floor next to single package of thrive market diapers

About Thrive Market

First and foremost, if you’re not sure what Thrive Market is, it’s basically an online grocery store that offers lower prices on organic and sustainable products. Not only does Thrive Market sell their own branded products, but they also offer brands that you may be more familiar with, like Honest and Seventh Generation.

Thrive Market is a membership-based store…which means you have to pay a flat rate every year (or every month, depending on your preference) in order to get their lower prices.

The company is a Certified B Corp, and they’re committed to helping people everywhere gain access to better products. With every membership that’s purchased, they give another membership to someone in need.

three thrive market diapers laying on the floor with baby's hand on one

About Thrive Market’s Diapers

Thrive Market offers a good variety of non-toxic diapers from various brands, but they also offer their own branded diapers, which are a bit more budget-friendly and just as good as some of the other brands.

Thrive Market’s diapers are made with high-quality fibers that result in an ultra-absorbent diaper. They also use a stretch panel to provide extra protection against leaks.

Are Thrive Market Diapers Clean?

Thrive Market diapers are free of chlorine, latex, parabens, phthalates, and added dyes and fragrances, which makes them a cleaner brand than some other diapers on the market today. Thrive claims the diapers are “made without the use of harmful chemicals,” (but the term “harmful chemicals” isn’t regulated in any way, so I’ve reached out to get a full list of the harmful chemicals they exclude). The diapers are made from more sustainable materials than many conventional diapers too.

What’s In Thrive Market Diapers?

Diaper brands are not required to list all of their ingredients on the packaging, but Thrive Market does have a list of ingredients on theirs. Here are their listed ingredients:

Totally chlorine-free wood pulp (from sustainably managed forests, no optical brighteners), absorbent core (sodium polyacrylate blended with plant-based & plant-derived material), plant-based PLA (inner & outer liner), safe adhesives (in-seams & joints), polymer spandex & polypropylene (in-leg/waist system), ink (made without heavy metals in printed backsheet), citrus extract & liquid chlorophyll (natural acting odor blockers in absorbent core)

You can learn a little more about some of the above ingredients and a brief description of how most diapers are made by checking out our overview of non-toxic diapers.

Are Thrive Market Diapers Phthalate-Free?

The Thrive Market website doesn’t explicitly say whether their diapers are phthalate-free, so I reached out to a representative who told me that Thrive Market diapers are, in fact, phthalate-free.

Are Thrive Market Diapers Totally Chlorine Free?

Thrive Market diapers are totally chlorine-free, which is a win for your baby’s skin and for the environment. Our in-depth look at non-toxic diapers further explains why you should seek out chlorine-free diapers.

Where Are Thrive Market Diapers Made?

Thrive Market Diapers are made in Mexico.

baby wearing a thrive market diaper on a changing table

Thrive Market Diapers Review

Let’s cut to the chase. After trying a full box, we’re really happy with Thrive Market’s diapers overall! They’re high-quality, absorbent, and free of harmful chemicals. They’re also quite affordable, which is always a bonus.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Are Thrive Market Diapers Good?

Thrive Market diapers seem to be a great product overall. We tested a full box of their diapers in size 3 on our 9-month-old baby boy (who’s very wiggly and always on the move), and they have worked really well for him.

For reference, our baby boy is 9 months old and average-sized in about the 50th percentile for weight. He’s 20 pounds and 28 inches from head to foot. He’s moving around a lot – crawling, rolling, and he’s even started to pull himself up on the furniture now.

The stretchy sides help the diapers fit around his legs well, and the comfort on his skin seems great.

I actually really like the simplistic design of the diapers too. They’re mostly white with a small image strip on the front. The diapers are very soft but still thick and absorbent, which is important when you’re dealing with a squirmy baby.

The fit is comparable to other non-toxic diapers that we’ve tried, and the diapers have held up well. We haven’t had any issues with diaper rashes or irritation, and even the waistband of the diaper has stayed comfortable on his skin.

Do Thrive Market Diapers Leak?

We have not had any problems with leakage when using Thrive Market diapers, even overnight. When the diapers are super wet (like first thing in the morning), sometimes I notice a bit of wetness on his skin, but it’s never leaked through to his clothing.

Are Thrive Market Diapers Good Overnight?

As I mentioned above, we haven’t run into any issues with the Thrive Market diapers leaking, even when we use them overnight.

Do Thrive Market Diapers Have A Wetness Indicator?

Thrive Market diapers do not have a wetness indicator. While you may appreciate having a wetness indicator on your baby’s diapers, it’s not really necessary for most babies past the first few days of life (when you’re tracking all of their pees & poops to make sure they’re eating well), so I don’t really see this as a negative. But you may.

Pros & Cons of Thrive Market Diapers


  • Totally chlorine free
  • Free of latex, parabens, phthalates, dyes, and fragrances
  • Snug fit with no leaks
  • No skin irritation
  • Simplistic design
  • Soft material seems comfortable on baby’s skin
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be delivered with your monthly Thrive market auto-ship order (so you don’t have to worry about running out!)


  • No wetness indicator
  • Not biodegradable
  • Not compostable
  • There isn’t a lot of information about how the diapers are made
  • Full ingredients list is not disclosed
baby crawling on floor wearing a thrive market diaper

Thrive Market Diapers Size Chart

Thrive Market diapers are sized comparably to other brands you may be using already. For the most part, we didn’t notice a difference in size when switching from Honest Diapers and Nest Diapers to Thrive Market’s.

Here is their full size chart:

Diaper SizeWeight Range
Newborn0-10 pounds
Size 18-14 pounds
Size 212-18 pounds
Size 3 (what we tested)16-28 pounds
Size 422-37 pounds
Size 527+ pounds
Size 635+ pounds

Thrive Market Diapers Price

We think Thrive Market diapers are a good price compared to other eco-friendly and non-toxic diaper brands.

The size three diapers that we bought were $31.34 for a box of 124 diapers. That comes out to about $0.25 per diaper, which is comparable to budget brands that aren’t as eco-friendly. (Check out our price comparison between all of our favorite diaper brands.)

Of course, larger-sized diapers are more expensive per diaper than smaller sizes. Here is a chart to show a breakdown of all their prices:

Diaper SizePrice of BoxNumber of Diapers in BoxPrice Per Diaper
Size 1$32.99160$0.21
Size 2$32.99144$0.23
Size 3$31.34124$0.25
Size 4$32.99108$0.31
Size 5$32.9992$0.36
Size 6$32.9980$0.42

Overall, we are really happy with the Thrive Market diapers. They fit well, have not leaked, and seem very comfortable on our baby’s skin. The price is also great compared to other eco-friendly and non-toxic diaper brands. We would definitely recommend trying out Thrive Market diapers if you’re looking for a more sustainable option!

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