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Safe Non-Toxic Glue for Kids

Let’s take things back to elementary school for a moment. 

Do you remember walking into art class and being completely inundated by the smells? I’m sure you realize now that the majority of those came from glue and paint. 

Those fumes can actually be quite harmful (which we’ll talk more about below), but thankfully, today we have safer non-toxic options that work just as well as conventional glues. 

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Why You Should Buy Non-Toxic Glue for Your Kids

Learning how to glue things together is a great way to expand your child’s creativity and development. I love plopping my toddler down in the high chair to start working on a craft!

That being said, the reason for buying non-toxic glue for your kids is pretty clear: it isn’t toxic and won’t harm them when they use it! 

Many glues and adhesives contain chemicals, solvents, and other harmful ingredients. These additives can cause adverse reactions and health problems when coming in contact with your children. 

Buying non-toxic glue ensures that you avoid exposing your kids to potentially harmful chemicals. 

Some glues contain ingredients that are poisonous when ingested and can cause numerous health issues. Whether it’s arts and crafts or a school project, your little one will have some glue in their hands at one point or another. Make sure it’s non-toxic so that you know your child is safe. 

As harmful as some glues are, it’s not uncommon to hear of a kid eating glue. Moms, you know this is true! Kids are extremely curious and have been known to do the unthinkable when we turn our heads just for a second! Even if they’re not a glue-eater, their hands usually get covered in glue, and then they rub their face and eyes. 

We can only control so many of our environmental factors, and since there are so many safer non-toxic glues, I am definitely opting for the non-toxic version. 

Toxic Ingredients in Glue

Some toxic ingredients in glue include ethanol, xylene, light aliphatic naphtha, N-hexane, and toluene. Aside from being hard to pronounce, these ingredients can be quite harmful. You may also see some labels including PVA (polyvinyl acetate), petroleum products, and even acetone!

When the fumes are breathed in, they can cause anxiety, difficulty breathing, nausea, or even seizures and other issues. Some kids even experience severe poisonings when they swallow toxic glue, leading to further serious health complications. 

glue stick on desk with other art supplies

Are Glue Sticks Non-Toxic? 

Thankfully, for most types of glues that exist, there is a non-toxic glue alternative available. Always be sure to inspect the labels very carefully even when they read non-toxic.

Glue sticks in particular are available in a wide variety of children’s non-toxic versions. Most kids are going to be using glue sticks for school projects and other crafts at some point. 

Giving your child non-toxic glue sticks will give you peace of mind knowing they’re doing creative projects while also being safe. 

(And while we are on the subject of arts and crafts, don’t forget to check out our favorite non-toxic crayons and the best and safest non-toxic paint for kids.)

Our Favorite Non-Toxic Glue for Kids 

Ukkie Kids Glue

This non-toxic glue is made in Europe and is water-based and odorless! They recommend using it for light papercraft projects, cardboard and felt. While this company does not seem to have a direct website to purchase from, they do offer their products to other sellers.

Tesa Eco Glue Stick

You can use this glue stick exactly like a conventional one. Tesa actually created the cap so it doesn’t roll away when you are working. It’s made up of 60% of water and is solvent-free. The packaging is made from 100& recycled plastic. It’s easy to spread and odor-free!

Tessa Bunny Organic Glue 

Tessa Bunny not only offers organic non-toxic glue but party supplies and slime products that are safer and sustainable! You can find school supply sizes or the ½ gallon bottle for your slime makers. It’s formulated with quinoa and pea protein, 100% organic, and perfect for paper, wood, and fabric! Other ingredients include water, organic non-gmo cornstarch, sea salt, and citric acid. 

Onyx and Green Plant Based Clear Liquid Glue 

Onyx and Green are on a mission to help save our planet! They have created this non-toxic liquid glue that also comes in glue sticks from the best ingredients they can find. When possible they always use recycled, plant-based, and renewable material for all of their supplies. Because it’s natural you never have to worry about harmful fumes. The one complaint consumers have is that it takes a little longer to dry than other glues. 

Coccoina Paste

Formulated in Italy starting in 1927, this non-toxic glue option has a rather sweet smell similar to almonds or marzipan. Not only is it solvent-free, but it’s non-toxic, water-soluble, and biodegradable. Consumers love that it comes in an aluminum can instead of a plastic container and the fact it actually works without harmful chemicals!

Is there a Non-Toxic Super Glue?

Actually, it isn’t all doom and gloom, and there are non-toxic super glues available that work ‘super’ well! 

Non-toxic superglues exist in most stores and can be used in a variety of ways. Just because they are non-toxic doesn’t mean they’re any less effective either. 

They have the same adhesive power as their toxic counterparts and still offer a strong bond. You’ll also find non-toxic superglues are odorless, durable, fast-drying, and even weatherproof.

While we don’t recommend using super glue around little ones, because of how strong the bonding power is, we did find Better Ultimate Adhesive that seems to check all of the boxes.

When kids are wanting to get creative we definitely don’t want to put them at risk of coming in contact with harmful products, what fun is that? If you have a favorite non-toxic glue that you love, please share it with us in the comments! 

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