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The Best Non-Toxic Foundation for Your Skin Type

Non-toxic living can sometimes be tough, but when it comes to shopping for natural, organic, and non-toxic cosmetics, are you up for a challenge? 

Luckily we are starting to see more natural options emerge on the market, but those labels can be difficult to decipher. 

Today we are talking about the best non-toxic foundation based on your skin type, and there are some really good options! 

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Harmful Ingredients in Foundation

You want to make sure that you aren’t exposed to harmful ingredients in foundation, especially since it will be on your face for long periods of time. Unfortunately, there’s a pretty hefty list of ingredients to avoid in your foundation. To make it easy, always go for a non-toxic foundation. They can usually be found on the same shelf as every other foundation! Non-toxic foundations will contain ingredients that aren’t harmful and don’t cause irritations or other problems. If you don’t buy a non-toxic foundation, chances are it will have the following ingredients in it. 


Triclosan is a common antimicrobial chemical that is found in a lot of cosmetics and antibacterial soaps. It’s listed as an active ingredient in your foundation and is usually found in products labeled ‘antimicrobial’. Exposure to Triclosan has been linked to thyroid and endocrine issues, as well as potentially being harmful to your immune system.

Petroleum Distillates

This ingredient is common in mascara but can be in foundation as well. It’s known to cause dermatitis, which results in itchy, irritated skin. It’s also often contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. 


Phthalates are used to give cosmetics color but are linked to a whole range of health issues. They’re known to cause endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, and even cancer. Always check the ingredients list of your foundation for phthalates, DEP, DBP, or DEHP, and stay away from products that have these. 


This is a tough one to let go of, especially when you love the smell your foundation gives off. When listing fragrance as an ingredient, companies aren’t required to disclose what chemicals make up the fragrance. Some of these chemicals can cause asthma, allergies, or even hormone disruption. Opt for a non-toxic foundation that uses fragrance without harmful chemicals and still smells great. 


Parabens are one of the most harmful ingredients in beauty products but are still found in nearly 90% of cosmetics! They are a preservative chemical that mimics estrogen, which can seriously damage your hormones. Parabens have been linked to breast cancer, skin cancer, and decreased sperm count. They absorb easily into the skin, so make sure your foundation does NOT have parabens. 

foundation that has been squeezed out next to a makeup brush

Watch Out for Greenwashing!

By the way, did we mention that sometimes products have labels with false information? That’s right, some beauty products, like foundation, claim to be natural or eco-friendly on their label but actually aren’t! This is called greenwashing and it’s a sales tactic to lead you to believe the product you’re buying is made with green ingredients. Greenwashing is done using product images, company names, or descriptions. 

So what’s the reason brands are greenwashing? The answer is because green products sell. Consumers are looking for natural products with ingredients that aren’t harmful, which some companies have taken advantage of. 

Lack of regulation in the beauty industry is to blame, leaving companies with an ability to fool consumers into thinking they’re buying healthy products. Some of these greenwashed products even contain the harmful chemicals we previously mentioned. To avoid greenwashed products, educate yourself (with articles like this one!) before buying and always go for a non-toxic foundation or other beauty product. 

The Best Non-Toxic Foundation for Dry Skin

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Full Coverage Water Foundation

 This non-toxic foundation is great for dry skin and offers full coverage. Did you know that there were even 19 foundation colors? 100% Pure has a color for everyone! As you can tell from the title its pigment comes from fruit, this entire line is vegan, natural, gluten-free, and cruelty-free! It also has some anti-aging properties which are always great! 

The Best Non-Toxic Foundation for Oily Skin

Kjaer Weis Foundation

Coming in 16 different colors, this Kjaer Weis foundation is great for oily skin. The jojoba oil not only helps with oil control but is always reduces the sign of aging because of the fatty acids that promote elastic skin. Its formulated with natural ingredients like certified organic mica and natural oils. You should know this foundation comes in a compact form versus a bottle, for more coverage you can apply with a foundation brush. 

Concerned about Mica or unsure what it is? Read more about mica in makeup.

The Best Non-Toxic Foundation for Combination Skin

Fruit Pigmented® Healthy Foundation

While this foundation really works well on most skin types, it’s great for combination skin. The formula offers full coverage, controlled shine, and helps to balance oil throughout the day. Not only is it full of superfruits that offer antioxidants and skin nourishment, but consumers are loving it!

Runner’s Up

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation

Unsure of your skin type or not looking for anything special? Juice Beauty’s serum foundation is great and offers medium to full coverage depending on how you apply. It’s also worth sharing that it doesn’t settle into lines and is light in texture! They never test their products on animals and it’s free of all the harmful ingredients like silicones, artificial dyes, and fragrances, parabens, sulfates, etc. 

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation And Concealer

If you are looking for an affordable option, great for most skin types, and comes in a ton of color this foundation is perfect! It’s a top pick from consumers and as you can see has a built-in concealer! Because it is a full coverage natural foundation be sure to apply in thin layers. 

Even if you apply a non-toxic foundation you should take it off at night, we found the best natural makeup remover that you can’t live without! After you try the foundation, let us know what you think by posting in the comments! 

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